LiveNet Auction screen mockup

LiveNet Auction

PowerBand’s LiveNet Auction Portal allows Dealers to create an instant, online auction that launches a used vehicle to a vast network of the industry’s top used vehicle buyers.

PowerBand was a pioneer in the online auction industry and still leads in new feature developments.

  • Launch vehicles with comprehensive vehicle description and background.
  • Certified buyer network.
  • Customizable to specific buyers or regions.
  • Greater visibility = higher sales prices.
  • Full transparency = greater confidence.
  • Maximizes value of trade-ins and engages customers in market driven auction.
  • Savings - acquisition and disposal fees, transportation, time and labour.
  • Market Intelligence to accurately value vehicles.
  • System generated bills of sale.
  • Arbitration policies ensure buyer’s confidence.
MarketPlace Auction screen mockup

MarketPlace Auction

PowerBand’s MarketPlace Auction allows dealers, dealer groups, rental, and leasing companies to load a used vehicle onto the site with a full description of the vehicle, photos, condition reports, and a pre-set Reserve Bid.

The MarketPlace Auction format can integrate the used vehicle inventory across PowerBand’s network to leverage and expose existing inventory.

  • Buy it now, bidding or Make an offer options
  • Static site vehicle exchange.
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional auctions.
  • Facilitates group trading.
  • Shop from dealership.
  • Virtual inventory at no cost (until purchased).
  • Savings - acquisition and disposal fees, transportation, time, man hours.
  • A one-stop solution for OEM’s, rental and leasing companies to efficiently dispose of their fleet vehicles.
  • Compresses disposal sale cycle.
  • Asset available for immediate sale.
  • Market Intelligence to accurately value vehicles.
  • System generated bills of sale.
  • Arbitration policies ensure buyer’s confidence.
Dynamic Appraisal screen mockup

Dynamic Appraisal

PowerBand developed the industry’s first electronic used vehicle appraisal system to be fully compliant with stringent regulations and vehicle disclosure rules.

PowerBand’s Appraisal System is customizable to meet the respective compliance requirements of any Province or State.

  • Simple, Consistent, easy process.
  • Consistent and transparent, leads to greater confidence for retail customers.
  • Can be utilized within the service department to provide appraisal for upsell to service customers.
  • Greater close ratios on proper appraisals.
  • Provides Dealership management reporting to enable continuous improvement.
Market Intelligence screen mockup

Market Intelligence

PowerBand’s Market Intelligence offering provides automotive dealerships with retail market price valuations derived from over 250,000 current vehicles in the database.

Enables dealerships to customize their comparisons within a geographic region for local market pricing on targeted vehicles identified down to the trim level of a vehicle.

PowerBand’s Market Intelligence analytical tools and reporting functions produce graphs, tables, maps and reports to summarize the information and enable dealers to make quick decisions based on the local market information presented.

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